I failed today.

I failed today.

Wait. Ok, Hear me out on this.

If I’m honest, most days, I feel I’ve nothing more to bring than FAILURE.

I fail. A lot. I’ve failed at so many things in life, and I don’t mind admitting it anymore. I find solace in this: that, in MY weakness, HE is made stronger. In my weakness, His perfection can truly shine. Also, an old adage that my lovely late grandma used to tell me. “A smart man learns from his mistakes, but a wise man learns from others’.” so, herein lies my heart behind this blog. I can’t promise wise parables, or eloquent advice. However, I can invite you to peek into my raw, often comical, but sometimes serious, life. While, by no means, do I believe that I am a failure, I do in fact fail often. And failure is good for us. It teaches us something. Each time. Maybe I need a lot of lessons. Maybe I need more humility. Maybe someone else needs the lessons that I’ve learned.

Whenever you start to feel hard on yourself, whenever your failures feel like they are overcoming you or defining you, take a step back and evaluate what you should learn from them. Then come read my blog and find comfort knowing that I’m right there with you.


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