Resistance is Futile\\Keeping the Image

In a world that is as much oblivious as intruding, its sometimes difficult for one to be true to one’s self. It brings to mind Star Trek: Next Generation: “Resistance is Futile” and it almost it is. We go through our lives trying to meet standards of our loved ones, our bosses and even those that we despise. So many of us never take the time to say, is this what I should be doing, or who I should be? Yes, we all know that the word says that we are “made in His image and likeness”, “beautifully and wonderfully made”, “Image-barers of Him” and so on. . . BUT how do I know if I am being that image? So often I long to take one HUGE step beyond all of the murk and grime and swampy mess that is the process of cleaning me and making me into a refined gem, to  being the shiny, gorgeous stone set perfectly in a princess cut setting. Or take a shortcut that does not require fire to be made into valuable pure gold. Unfortuneately, the fact remains that, we are in this world. We live here, no matter how disconnected we try to be from it. Diamonds aren’t formed by being dug up as coals and displayed on a shelf. They’re formed by decades of pressure and heat; Gold is purified by means of fire-intense, unyeilding fire. See, without the pressure and fire, You’d just have cubic zurconia and fools gold.


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