Faith Like a Widget

It’s been said that all of us should have faith like a child. The direction of this cliche is to tell each one of us to trust our God with everything inside of us. As children, we inherently see the good in situations and people, generally. Today came a realization.

I was sitting outside taking in some good ole’ Vitamin D, in one hand I held my iced water, and in the other, a freshly made sandwich. Relaxing in a reclining lawn chair, I was all set to soak up the sun for an hour. Then comes Widget. Widget is my parents spunky, extra-hyper black lab. He loves attention and he loves to play catch with the frisbee. Today I didn’t feel like playing frisbee. I just wanted to relax, eat my sandwich, drink my cold water and bask in the rays. Widget had other plans for me. He trotted up beside me, ever confident that I would succumb to his sport, laid his frisbee beside my chair in arm’s reach and sat patiently waiting. After finishing my sandwich, I looked, and there he sat still waiting. Occasionally, He would pick up the frisbee and move it closer, but he just sat, waiting-sure that I would grant his wish. Finally, I did throw it for him, hoping that would suffice and he’d just go inside. No such luck for me. He came right back, to begin this waiting process all over again.

Thats when it hit me.

‘Why do we not have such faith towards God?’ You see, when we have a request or a need or desire, some would just take their ‘frisbee’ elsewhere, some would wait anxiously and soon become dismayed and run back inside. While others, wait it out and get a little play on, but the next time are not so patient, recalling the wait from the last. How many of us can say that we would lay our requests out to Him and wait on His hand to send our ‘frisbee’ soaring through the air?
I want a faith like a Widget. (And I’m sure glad God doesn’t see our requests like I see the frisbee “Oh geesh, not again!”!)


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